Buying Tips

There is nothing more exciting than buying a new home. At the same time, it can be one of the most daunting experiences.
At Precision Property, we are here to help you through the stages of your purchase. A few things to consider are the following.

  • Consult with your financier or our specialist broker at Express Loans, and discuss your best options and loan to suite your needs.
  • Construct a short list of areas and facilities to suit your lifestyle and accommodation requirements. Take into consideration shops, schools and affordability.
  • Research current market conditions in the areas chosen. Inspect properties, and get a feel for the local area and market.
  • When you find a property of interest, contact us at Precision Property. We will arrange a private inspection for you with the agent/sales person.
  • Set your limit - Take care not to go above what you can afford and be prepared to walk away if negotiations go beyond your personal limit.
  • Put your game face on - Do not give anything away and ensure you remain calm and neutral. Make sure the vendor and / or agent does not know your personal limit, borrowing capacity or how much you like the property.
  • Find out about the property / vendor’s reason for selling - How long on market, why are they selling, price expectations, any known problems with the property.
  • Start out low - You never know, they might accept. In saying this, be reasonable and genuine.